Zoe successfully completes Small Animal Acupressure Training

Woohoo! Good news to all canine patients! Zoe has successfully completed her training in Small Animal Acupressure through Tallgrass, USA’s leading animal acupressure school.

What does this mean? Acupressure assessment and treatment sessions will be available during the times Zoe is back in Singapore. This non-invasive and certainly not scary treatment option will help dogs (and cats) maintain good health. For those with illnesses or health issues, their Qi will be assessed and treated as necessary. As always, remember that this is NOT a replacement to vet care but an excellent complementary mode of care. More details on acupressure treatment will be updated soon.

The team will also be learning a few useful points for our many patients who have back, hip, knee and spinal surgeries or issues. We will add treatment of these points to our patients who have physio or massage therapy sessions with us at no extra charge. Good health to everyone!

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