National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop

Woohoo!!! National Geographic Channel recognizes efforts to increase public support for adoption of dogs, and will be holding the National Geographic Channel Free Pet Shop event on 18-19 February 2012. Leveraging off its television programme, “The Dog Whisperer”, Nat Geo appeals to avid viewers, animal lovers and the general public to support this special event. 

Slated to be the largest dog-adoption drive in Singapore till date, we have invited dog shelters such as Action for Singapore Dogs, Animal Lovers’ League, Noah’s Ark and Gentle Paws to participate and present a total of 80 dogs per day with the potential to be adopted by the public. 

Pawsitive Sensations will be there for this fantastic event that is specially for dog adoption! We’ll be having some free 10min dog massages there and also giving away from discount vouchers too. So pack a doggy treat bag, bring fresh cool water, leash up your dog and come on down! No dog? No problem! Come down and see if you find the one and only dog that’s meant for you… 😉

Date: 18th and 19th Feb 2012
Time: 12 to 6pm
Location: East Coast Park
For more info: 

Pet Dog CPR and First Aid Training

**IMPT: After multiple feedback, we’ve realised the date is too close to Christmas. So the course for this year is cancelled and will be rescheduled again some time in 2012. =)

We will be conducting a Pet CPR and First Aid Course Training on 17th Dec 2011.
For more details on the course, registration, etc. please click on this link: PET CPR & FIRST AID TRAINING 

Early bird registration and prepayment gets 20% discount on the course fee. =)

Completion Of WaterWork Course In Ohio, USA

Zoe attended and completed the course in WaterWork in Toledo, Ohio, under PetMassage Institute. You can find the pictures on our Facebook page! Team Pawsitive is now harnessing the techniques learnt and incorporating them into our Water Therapy for dogs. Robey is our first dog that underwent the Water Therapy and he swam better and moved smoother too.