Doggy Boot Camp

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Why Doggy Boot Camp vs. Pet Sitting or Day Boarding?

Doggy Boot Camp (DBC) is a version of pet sitting with large amounts of exercise and will ensure your pet dog is well exercised, contented, happy and healthy. Moreover, the dogs will be exercised off-leash and allowed to run free which is important as it is their natural instincts and behaviors and these need an avenue of expression.

Normal pet sitting and day boarding rarely incorporates sufficient amounts of exercise and one-on-one interaction between people and dogs, as well as interaction amongst dogs themselves. Lack of exercise can lead to poor muscle tone, obesity, heart ailments, bone disorders and often results in emotional problems and dog behavioural quirks. These quirks may manifest in terms of anxieties at home and destructive behavior.

A well exercised dog will rest more calmly at home and be less nervous when left alone. Exercise will improve the dog’s bone and joint health, heart, and lung function. This means that they will have better overall health. Exercise also makes show dogs look better and feel better to a judge’s exploring hands due to their good muscle tone and happy character. (Many show dogs in USA and UK have open fields to romp around in unlike dogs here in Singapore.)

Our DBC will ensure that the exercise includes activities that will engage your dog’s mind and body alike. The games will include fetch, catching, Frisbee, etc. This will heighten the bond between man and dog. We will cater the games to the dog’s needs, for example if the dog is older or not meant to jump high, we will choose games that keep them low to the ground. The best part is that at the end of our DBC, your dog will enjoy a 10 min relaxation massage session by our Certified Canine Massage Practitioner. She will rebalance their energies during the massage and check on the overall well-being of the dogs.

Here are some links with useful information on why you need to exercise your dog.