Outline of Doggy Boot Camp

  • Pick up dog from home (3.30pm)
  • Boot Camp at normally Bishan Park Dog Run (or along East Coast Park)
    – Dogs are sprayed with VirogoneTM (tick and pest repellent), if approved by owners, before entering the dog runs.
    – Once dogs are inside the dog run, they will be allowed off leash and games will be played with toys available. We monitor each dog carefully and will not over exert them.
    – Otherwise the dogs are walked briskly but leisurely (i.e. allowed to sniff around) along pathways.
    – Fresh cold water will be available at all times for the dogs to cool down as needed so as to prevent heat stress.
    – We’ll also provide small treats (dehydrated venison) for the dogs at the end of the session.
  • At end of boot camp (about 5pm), dogs will be tired and a 10 to 15 min massage session for energy balance, recovery and calmness will be performed on the dogs.
  • Return to owners (5.30 to 6pm)
    – Signing handover forms and payment.
  • If requested, photographs of PS’s DBC will be uploaded or emailed to owners. (about 3 photos per dog)
  • Drop off and Pick up will be at owner’s home. Transport fee of $10 – $30 will be imposed depending on location of home.
  • If you would like to arrange a long term plan for DBC for your dog, feel free to contact us and we will put together a discounted and customized package deal for you.