Dogs With Mobility Problems

Dogs with mobility problems usually inherited the genetic disposition or suffered a serious injury. For example many large dogs, particularly the German Shepherd, are prone to back and hind leg problems like hip dysplasia. These type of mobility problems can severely restrict motion and the ease of day-to-day activities like climbing a step or even walking.

Therapeutic massage for these dogs will be centred on the problem regions whilst keeping the whole body in balance. The injured regions may be off-body massaged (depending on its severity) to stimulate and help the dog self heal. If the region is physically maneuverable, then the joint may be positioned and massaged to aid in the dog’s healing.

Many times, after just a couple sessions, dogs may show visible signs of recovery and even climb a step if it could not do so previously! It is necessary to know that each dog has its own ability to self heal and that therapeutic massage is simply a means to stimulate the dog to do just that.