For Elderly/Senior Dogs

Elderly or senior dogs tend to have a weaker immune system, fewer hours of activity and the tendency to get injured, amongst other things. All these affect their health and mobility. Their joints tend to get sore easily and bowel movements may become erratic. Reduction in the elasticity of muscle and connective tissue occurs, as it does in people, and may cause difficulty in normal everyday activities.

Massage can help as a substitute for normal daily exercise. Therapeutic massage for senior dogs maintains and mildly stimulates circulation of blood and lymph as well as increases flexibility. Pain is relieved naturally (no drugs), which is especially good for dogs in constant pain or have a chronic illness. It also aids to speed up the healing process post-surgery.

Massage further relaxes the senior dog and helps it to emotionally adjust to its aging body. The body’s energy is brought back into continuous balance. Therapeutic massage for senior dogs is a wonderful complement to veterinary treatments.