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Bach Flower, Nelson Remedies and Topicals, Nova Products and Virogone Spray

We sell only all natural herbal and mineral based products at the store. This remedies are used by ourselves and our precious dogs as necessary. Feel free to ask us for advice or should you have any queries on how you can naturally improve your dog’s health and its road to happiness.
Do explore the links to the right… we have 4 categories of products: Bach Flower Remedies, Nelson Remedies, Nova Products and Virogone Sprays.

We recommend that you always get a healthcheck by a good veterinarian to ascertain the good physical health of the pet. Sometimes the negative behaviour is a sign of an underlying medical problem. Bach Flower Remedies help to address the emotional problems of the pet that can result in physical ill health. For example excessive barking and stress or fear of being left alone may cause self-mutilation. It is just as important that the pet feels loved and balanced emotionally as it is for us humans.

Pawsitive Sensations now sells First Aid Kit Packages for your pet. Click here to download the DETAILS of the FIRST AID KITS.

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