For Relaxation Purposes

Massage for relaxation purposes can be done at almost anytime. It is used to rebalance the energy in the whole body of the dog, enhancing their health and even speeding up recovery from certain illnesses. Of course, for dogs that are under stress, like having moved to a new home or in a kennel or a change in lifestyle, or even going through a loss, this massage will help them to heal emotionally.

Just as people go for massages to melt away a week’s worth of stress in order to heighten one’s sense of well-being and recharge for the next week, a dog has similar needs. Relaxation massage is able to bring a dog’s body out of its state of stress and back into balance where it will feel calmness and relaxation. And just as the physical body affects the mind, relaxation massage will be able to emotionally support the canine and weed away the stresses.