Pawsitive Sensations Terms and Conditions of Use & Privacy Policy

1. Terms and conditions

Pawsitive Sensations reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Once major changes have been made, they will be highlighted on this website. Users who disagree with the terms and conditions of Pawsitive Sensations have to elect not to use Pawsitive Sensations and exit from the website. Users staying on with Pawsitive Sensations and using Pawsitive Sensations would be deemed to have accepted the changes.

Pawsitive Sensations retains the right to revise, adapt, change, suspend or terminate any Pawsitive Sensations service without prior notification.

2. Privacy policy

2.1 “Personal data” here refers to:

a. personal information you submitted when you registered with Pawsitive Sensations

b. browser data automatically recorded by the Pawsitive Sensations server when you use Pawsitive Sensations and its services. These may include but are not limited to your IP address, the configuration of your computer and your usage of Pawsitive Sensations.

2.2 Personal data may in turn be stored in the form of cookies on your computer and on Pawsitive Sensations’ records.

2.3 Pawsitive Sensations may use the personal data for purposes of statistical, demographic and marketing analyses, for targeted advertising, for providing our users with information and offers about other products and services offered by Pawsitive Sensations and its partners and for informing our users about changes to these terms and conditions of use and our Privacy Policy.

2.4 Pawsitive Sensations is committed to the safeguard of your personal data. It promises not to disclose personal data directly referable to the user such as the user’s password, real name and telephone number unless asked to do so by user himself or herself or required by law.

2.5 “Pawsitive Sensations” shall include linked websites like Benny�s Big Beautiful Blog ( and “the website” shall be construed accordingly.

3. User’s responsibilities

All Users of Pawsitive Sensations have to comply with following rules:

3.1 A registered User of Pawsitive Sensations chooses his or her own User Name. The User Name may not contain information that defames, abuses, harasses or threatens others.

3.2. A registered User is identified by his or her password. He or she shall protect and keep secure this password, and shall be responsible for any loss or harm caused by his or her own disclosure, whether inadvertently, negligently or otherwise, of this password.

3.3 When using or contributing to Pawsitive Sensations, such as expressing their own feelings about other Users or responding to their comments, a User shall not make, provide or distribute any defamatory, libelous, abusive, harassing, hateful, threatening, religiously insensitive or racially offensive information or comments. Each User accepts full responsibility for his or her information and comments.

3.4 A User shall not upload, post or distribute photos, images or any material that infringes or violates any law or any third party rights. This includes the uploading, posting or distributing of any vulgar, obscene, discourteous or indecent images.

3.4 Without express written permission from the owners or management of Pawsitive Sensations, a User shall only use Pawsitive Sensations and its services for his or her own private, personal and non-commercial purposes. No User may use Pawsitive Sensations, its services or its platform for any direct or indirect commercial or business purpose or towards any commercial or economic gain.

3.5 Without prejudice to the above, a User of Pawsitive Sensations shall obey and observe all relevant laws and regulations.

4. About Copyright

4.1 Pawsitive Sensations fully observes all laws relating to copyright. Any queries about copyright and copyright-related issues may be directed to Pawsitive Sensations’ designated copyright representative whose particulars, in compliance with s 193D(2)(c) of the Copyright Act (Cap 63, 2006 Rev Ed) and the Copyright (Network Service Provider) Regulations 2005, Regulation 5, are as follows:

  • Name of designated representative: Legal Compliance Officer
  • Appointment: Chief Executive Officer
  • Email Address:

4.2 By posting, uploading and distributing any material, including comments, articles, photos and images, to Pawsitive Sensations, the User represents and warrants that he or she is the full copyright owner in these materials and by that action, irrevocably grants to the owners and management of Pawsitive Sensations a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable and non-exclusive right and licence for the unlimited and unrestricted use of such materials This includes but is not limited to the use and display of these materials on the Pawsitive Sensations website, derivative sites, e-magazines and other publications, and the right to licence others in the use of such materials.

4.3 All materials and content on Pawsitive Sensations are protected by relevant laws, including copyright law. A User, registered or otherwise, is given a non-transferable limited permission to use these materials made available pursuant to Pawsitive Sensations services for his or her own personal and non-commercial purposes.

4.4 Without express permission from Pawsitive Sensations and outside the ambit of permissible usage of these materials as described in these Terms and Conditions of Use, it is illegal to edit, copy, duplicate, reproduce, adapt, distribute, transmit or reproduce all or any part of these materials, whether for your own use or for a third party.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 All comments, articles, photos, images and any other material are the contributions of Users each acting in his or her own right and capacity. They do not reflect the views of the owners and management of Pawsitive Sensations

5.2 If Users of Pawsitive Sensations access through Pawsitive Sensations relevant resources and other services provided by third party websites and service providers, these resources and services are accessed by the Users and not by the owners and management of Pawsitive Sensations. If at all, the owners and management of Pawsitive Sensations enable or facilitate the access of such resources or services, and any such enablement or facilitation is authorised by the Users whenever such resources and services are accessed through Pawsitive Sensations.

5.4 Without prejudice to the above, while the management of Pawsitive Sensations reserves and has the right and authority to revise, take down or even delete any such materials on Pawsitive Sensations, it is under no obligation to review, edit or even to correct such materials. This includes the right and authority to delete, without prior notification to Users, vicious, biased, unfair and unreasonable comments, comments based on hearsay information, duplicated or plagiarized comments, or comments in breach or that offend against any law or regulation.