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What Makes Honest Kitchen Pet Food Different? (taken from Honest Kitchen website)

Minimal Processing

By using a gentle dehydration process, we are able to maintain the integrity of our core ingredients. Our fresh raw produce is harvested at the peak of its ripeness, then washed and trimmed to size. Then, it’s dehydrated below 104°F using warm air to gently blow away the moisture in a slow process that takes several hours. Our produce is still considered ‘raw’ after dehydration is complete. Our fresh raw meats and white fish undergo gentle steaming at 140°F to 165°F, to eliminate pathogens without irradiation. We then carefully evaporate the moisture using dehydration, which leaves more nutrients intact than harsh cooking, canning or extrusion. The meats leave the dehydration process at about 125°F. The entire process (including steaming) takes about 45 minutes. Our salmon is freeze-dried in a flash process that removes the moisture under vacuum. Our potatoes and grains are flash heated (and rolled in the case of our grains) to help break down the cellulose, which aids in digestion. They are then gently dehydrated to remove the moisture.
Human-Grade Ingredients and Production - From Farm to Bowl

All our ingredients are chosen directly form the human food chain - this is a requirement for entry into the human food facility where our products are made. Each of our diets are carefully blended to encompass a broad array of amino acids, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes to help achieve and maintain optimum health. Production occurs in a FDA inspected human food facility right here in in the USA, alongside products such as breakfast cereals and beverage mixes for human consumption. Learn more about the ways we control the quality of our raw ingredients and finished products.
Whole Food Ingredients from Suppliers Who Care

All chickens are not created equal; while some have never seen the light of day, ours are free range. Read more about our sustainably raised, free-range chicken from Petaluma Farms right here in California. We choose suppliers who care, because we care. Many ingredients are carefully sourced from farms in their 'native' countries, such as Fair-trade Organic Quinoa from Bolivia, Sweet Potatoes from their native Peru and Bananas from the Philippines. We're also a proud member of Green America, whose mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. You can read a bit about where each of our ingredients comes from,
Honest Kitchen - Supplements
Sparkle Image

For healthy skin and shiny coat - 6oz

Perfect Form Image

Perfect Form
For healthy functioning of digestive tract - 5.5oz

Invigor Image

Antioxidant to combat free radicals, cleanse & revitalise systems - 5.5oz

Lithe Tea Image

Lithe Tea
Supports healthy mobility, bone and joint function - 2.8oz canister

Easy Peesy Tea Image

Easy Peesy Tea
Supports healthy function of urinary tract & bladder - 2.8oz canister

Quiet Tea Image

Quiet Tea
Promotes calmness & alleviates anxiety - 2.8oz canister