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Spare Ribs

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Nature's 1 Spare Ribs

Nature's 1 products - all natural and holistic, from New Zealand. Simply the best of New Zealand's pure natural goodness in every mouthwatering piece!

A gentle air drying process reduces the fat content but enhances the flavour in Nature's 1 treats naturally, locking in the wholesome goodness of New Zealand in every chunk!

Nature's 1 treats are just as nature makes them: real meat, real bone and real animal parts that mirror the natural diet that dogs crave yet providing them with a healthy, concentrated tasty source of high quality protein and essential nutrients.

Naturally high in glucosamine and chondrontin to support joint health and maintain mobility, Nature's 1 treats are great to chew. As every knowledgeable dog owner knows, regular chewing of these treats will help to remove plaque and keep your dog's teeth and gums clean and strong!

Spare Ribs are made from 100% pure New Zealand Veal Ribs. They are made from uncalcified bone thus the rib will not splinter and harm your dog. =) BESTSELLER!

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